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Ocean Whitefish and Kelp

The ocean whitefish, found along the Pacific coast of North and South America is such a lovely fish!  The gracefully elongated body is a subdued brown and tan on back and sides.  The soft-rayed dorsal and anal fins are banded with light blue and yellow.  Absolutely understated elegance!  The fish have dainty mouths, suitable for consuming only small prey.  The large, dark eyes are absolutely endearing.  A truly beautiful fish!

Here I have tried to create a gyotaku composition with two ocean whitefish that would be worthy of the fishes’ natural beauty.  The pair swim in front and behind of an inked impression of actual kelp.  The top of the kelp trails to the left, indicating the direction of a slight current and the fish both face into this gentle flow.

Size:  31 x 19 inches  (2001)

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