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Index of Fish Prints

Are you looking for a gyotaku of a favorite fish? Use this index to locate fish by either freshwater or saltwater habitat.

Freshwater fish
Bass, largemouth (Focus Mind, Pyramid Scheme, Big Bass!)
Bass, striped (Feeding Frenzy)
Bass, yellow (Yellow Bass Parade)
Carp (Taoist Bagua, Carp Leaping, River of Love #1, #2, #3, Double Happiness)
Catfish, channel (Everything Comes)
Gar, long-nosed (Long-nosed Gar, Coming up for Air)
Gar, short-nosed (Short-nosed Gar)
Salmon, kokanee (Ichi-go, Ichi-e, Spawning Kokanee Salmon)
Shad, threadfin (
Feeding Frenzy)
Shiner, spot-tailed (Long-nosed Gar)
Sunfish, bluegill (Eternal Dance Color & Black/White, Every Year Have Fish!)
Sunfish, green (Pyramid Scheme)
Tilapia (Abundance)
Trout, brook (Fall Colors Underwater)
Trout, rainbow (Wu-wei Rainbow Trout, Right Timing)

White Amur (Roundup at the Crosscut Canal)

Wuchang fish (from China) (Swimming Wuchang Yu)

Saltwater fish
Anchovy, northern (Bonito)
Ballyhoo (Bunch of Ballyhoo)
Barracuda, great (Underwater Wolfpack)
Barracuda, Pacific (Pacific Barracuda)
Bass, striped (Feeding Frenzy)
Bocaccio (Bocaccio Trio)
Bonito, Pacific (Bonito)
Cutlassfish, Pacific (Pacific Cutlassfish)
Drum, black (Memories of Hunting Island)
Drum, red (The Tide Turns)
Flounder (Balance)
Grunion (Spawning Grunion)
Grunt, white (Kissing Ruby Redlips)
Lookdowns, Pacific (Lookdowns)
Mackerel, Pacific (Ascending Mackerel, Mackerel School)
Moi (The Fish of Kings)
Needlefish, Atlantic (Atlantic Needlefish)
Parrotfish (Parrotfish Pair)
Pompano, golden (Gliding)
Rockfish, vermilion (Vermilion Rockfish)
Sardine, Pacific (Pacific Barracuda, Bocaccio Trio)
Scorpionfish, California (California Scorpionfish)
Seatrout, spotted (The Tide Turns)
Shark, banjo (Banjo Shark)
Shark, smoothhound (Ascending Sharks)
Snapper, black-tailed (Nature Will Provide)
Snapper, flame (Fish on Fire)
Snapper, Pacific red (Pacific Red Snappers)
Snapper, yellowtail (Yellowtail Snappers)

Soldierfish, bigscale (Safe Refuge)

Squid, Humboldt giant (Life and Death as One, Night Stalker)
Squid, Loligo (Original Ink)
Stingray (Danger! Don’t Step!)
Treefish (Treefish Face-off)
Unicornfish, blue-spined (An Unusual Idea from the Sky)
Whitefish, ocean (Whitefish)
Yellowtail (Yellowtail Swim Team)