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Two northern pike lunge forward to seize yellow perch that have ventured too near.

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Ancient Body Plan

Modern-day sturgeons are little changed in appearance from fossilized remains 150 million years old, earning them the label “living fossils.”

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Arizona Natives

Roundtail chubs (upper pair) and the Sonora sucker (on bottom) are native to Arizona’s streams and rivers.  Loss of free-flowing rivers threatens the survival of these native species.

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Both sides of a flounder are needed to complete the fish. "Front and back accompany one another" (Chapter 2 of the Tao Te Ching). 

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Big Bass!

A largemouth bass swoops down to seize the bait – a small bluegill. A moment later, the bass is on the end of the line and the excitement begins!

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Bullfrog and Dragonfly

A bullfrog leaps to catch a dragonfly.

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Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gate

In Chinese mythology, a carp that swims upstream against the river’s strong current and manages to jump over the waterfall is miraculously transformed into a powerful dragon!

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Catching Crayfish

Bait tied on a length of string at water’s edge at night attracts crayfish after crayfish.

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Double Happiness

In Chinese culture, a pair of carp symbolizes abundance, harmony, and marital happiness.

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Eternal Dance

Every spring, spawning bluegill sunfish perform the eternal dance of yin and yang. 

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Feeding Frenzy

Striped bass slash through the edge of a school of baitfish. The surface erupts into a churning feeding frenzy called a “striper boil” or “striper blitz.”

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Fish on Fire

Flame snappers use rocky habitats composed of ancient reefs formed by coral long ago. Identifying these habitat features helps us create marine sanctuaries to protect them form overfishing.

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Focus Mind, Concentrate Intention

A largemouth bass lunges in attack, attention focused on but one of the three small fish. Any diversion of this focus from its single intended prey lessens the predator’s likelihood of success.

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Hiding Beneath the Lilypads

A northern pike, concealed and motionless beneath the surface, waits for any unsuspecting prey to happen by.

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Les Exotiques

The breadfruit tree and the red devil fish are common in Puerto Rico, where neither is native. They are exotic species.

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Long-nosed Gar and Spot-tailed Shiners

With a quick, sideways slash of its open mouth, a long-nosed gar seizes its prey with needle-sharp teeth.

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Pyramid Scheme

A “trophic pyramid” is a fundamental pattern of nature where a few predators are supported by large numbers of those on which they feed.

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A skeleton is all that is left of a bass buried in the garden after filleting it. Parts not eaten were returned to the living earth, buried in the rich, dark, garden soil.

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Right Timing

Fishing provides a continual stream of lessons in the practice of right timing.

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Shoreline Patrol

As soon as the ice melts on northern lakes, the sun quickly warms the shallows. Predators patrol both sides of the shoreline, seeking small fish that congregate in the warmer water.

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Smallmouth Bass and Crayfish

Where crayfish are plentiful, they are typically on the top of the menu for smallmouth bass.

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Spawning Grunion Beneath the Night Sky

In spring and summer, grunions briefly leave their underwater realm to spawn on sandy beaches just above the lapping surf. This composition celebrates this amazing union of male and female.

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Spawning Kokanee Salmon

The inescapable rush of the procreative urge drives Pacific salmon to the act that both completes and ends their lives.

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Swimming Together in a River of Love

In China, wedding gifts bearing designs and images of a pair of carp are given to newlyweds as symbols of the joys of union and a wish for a happy marriage and prosperity.

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Yellow Bass Parade

Yellow bass swim in procession diagonally across the page. The black longitudinal stripes of the fish accentuate the linear direction of this movement.

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Where Desert Meets the Sea

These spotted sand bass and Mexican barracuda were caught from a sea kayak in the beautiful Sea of Cortez where the Sonoran Desert borders the coastline.

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