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I thank family and friends who have helped me in many ways over the years in my pursuit of gyotaku.  My father introduced me to fishing at an early age and nurtured my love of rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds.  My children, Jacob and Lillian have joined me on many fishing trips, and caught some of the fish I have used for printing.  My sister, Jean patiently endured my use of her apartment as a gyotaku workshop in Hawaii.  She also introduced me to the fresh fish markets in Honolulu as a source of many kinds of unusual, beautiful fish from the seas surrounding the islands.  My brother Jim, sister-in-law Joan, and nephew Justin treated me to memorable fishing trips in the Mississippi delta.  Also with great patience, they allowed me to print some of our memorable catches on the floor of their former home in New Orleans.

The boat captains, deck crews, and staff of Seaforth Sportfishing of San Diego provided enjoyable fishing trips aboard their boats.  I also thank several fishermen on those boats who have shared their catches with me on occasion, thereby providing me with fish to print that I would not have otherwise obtained. The late "Gar Man Jack" Barnett of northern Georgia provided a memorable day aboard his boat in Lake Lanier in pursuit of long-nosed gar.  Jack also makes fish prints of his spectacular catches and I sincerely appreciate the hospitality that Jack and his wife Louise showed during my visit. 

Over the years, three paper suppliers have been especially helpful in supplying me with a wide selection of Asian papers.  I thank “C”, the proprietor of PaperArts, for introducing me to some wonderful papers and for helpful suggestions during the early years of my practice.  At her urging, I first attempted the process of flattening and backing “raw” fish prints in order to eliminate the undesirable puckers and wrinkles.  Cindy and Gary of The Paper Studio in Tempe, Arizona and the staff of Papers! in Albuquerque, New Mexico have located and ordered specialty papers for me.  With every visit to their stores, I am treated to a “kid in a candy store” experience.  Kei Sundt urged me to try my hand at calligraphy. I sincerely thank Diana Ho of the Chinese Art Accademy in Chandler, Arizona for helping me become more proficient at writing Chinese characters with a brush and ink.

Most of all, I thank my wife Carla for her support and encouragement, for enduring with out too much complaint the occasional smell of fish in the house (my studio is next to the kitchen), and especially for the construction of this website.