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This is an excerpt from the Tao Te Ching, chapter 8 that reads (vertically, from right to left):

The highest form of goodness is like water,
water benefits everything
but does not strive.

Nature provides a never-ending stream of lessons about virtuous living.  Water provides many such lessons about benevolence, persistence, and the capacity to yield when necessary.

The bold symbol written in the upper left and lower right corners is the ancient great seal character for water.  These characters were used over 2500 years ago.  This ancient character is the one that evolved into the modern character for water, written in modern script at the top of the middle line.  The vertical row of small characters on the left side state “8th Chapter, Tao Te Ching.”

Size:  34 x 15 inches, hung as a scroll from horizontal bamboo poles  (2008)

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